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Roofing Inspection Services from the North Shore to the South Shore

We Identify Problems

Minimize unpleasant surprises with the help of the roof inspectors at Couvreurs de l’Est. We will conduct a full visual examination to determine the source of the problem or to find any deficiencies that may cause damage. In addition, if your membrane or ceiling joints, chimney or other roof element is compromised, we can remedy the situation quickly. Call us today.

Signs of abnormalities on a sloped shingle roof

  • Missing or exposed nails;

  • Swollen, damaged or missing shingles;

  • Rusty metal;

  • Piles of leaves;

  • Discoloured shingles;

  • Damaged drain, ventilation inlet or chimney.

Signs of abnormalities on a flat roof with an elastomeric or gravel membrane

  • Bubble in the membrane;

  • Missing gravel;

  • Vegetation or moss on the roof;

  • Damaged edges;

  • Pooling water.

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