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White roof

A White Roof : Energy Efficiency at Its Best

A white membrane reflects the sun’s rays, which helps to reduce the temperature of the roof. It is an energy efficient material that is recognized the world over. Good news! With their exceptional experience and expertise, Couvreurs de l’Est has been installing membranes for white roofs in Montreal and the surrounding areas with great success for decades.

The Advantages of a White Roof

For a residential, commercial or industrial building, installing a roof with a white membrane carries numerous advantages :

  • Reduce the heat inside the building by several degrees;

  • Improve the comfort of the inhabitants;

  • Reduce electricity costs related to air conditioning;

  • Decrease the urban heat island effect;

  • Increase the lifespan of the roof.

A white roof does not overheat, despite the sun’s rays, and therefore, it deteriorates less quickly and allows you to enjoy a resistant roof that lasts longer.

The Best Membranes for White Roofs

Couvreurs de l’Est has the expertise and the equipment required to install the best membranes for white roofs :

 Multilayer white marble membranes;

 Elastomeric membranes;

Each of these membranes possesses specific characteristics. However, no matter which membrane you choose for your white roof, you will enjoy the following features :

  • Watertight;

  • Durable;

  • Highly resistant to weather and sun;

  • Low maintenance requirements;

  • Ecological;

  • Attractive.

Call our highly qualified team today to find out which white membrane is best suited to your roof.

The Ideal Solution for a Green Roof and Terraced Roof!

A white roof is conducive to the installation of a rooftop garden (green roof). It is the ideal roof covering solution for a rooftop garden system, thanks to the watertightness and durability of the membrane. By combining a white membrane with a garden, you will enjoy the following advantages :

  • Improved insulation against heat;

  • Improved quality of the surrounding air;

  • Decreased runoff water.

A white membrane is also the perfect material for installing a rooftop terrace where you can relax without worrying about excessive heat.

Ecological Certification

Couvreurs de l’Est is qualified to install white roofs that meet LEED requirements (a certification program for recognizing healthy and eco-friendly buildings). Call us for more information concerning this certification, which can increase the value of your property.

Would you like an estimate for installing a white roof in Montreal or the surrounding areas? Begin by filling out the request form designed for this purpose, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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