IKO elastomeric membrane

IKO : Waterproof Elastomeric Membranes in the Montreal area

Unsurpassed Durability

Get the best performance and superior protection with an IKO elastomeric membrane. Solely destined for roof waterproofing, the Armourplast modified bitumen system can be installed on several types of roofs.

two options

You can choose between the Armourplast granular and classic systems. Composed of non-woven polyester, the Armourplast classic membrane is covered with a thin protective heat-sealed film. With a granular coating, the top of the Armourplast granular membrane provides excellent resistance to bad weather and premature aging caused by UV rays.

The Advantages of Armourplast

  • Easy installation;

  • Easy maintenance;

  • Strong, durable construction;

  • Weather resistant;

  • Quality manufacturing.

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