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Your roof is one of the most essential elements of your building, since it protects you from the elements. To keep this protection in good condition, it is important to recognize the signs that suggest that it may need careful inspection or even repair. At Couvreurs de l'Est, specialists in pitched or flat roofs in Montreal, we have identified 5 signs indicating that your roof needs your attention!

1. The age of your roof

The majority of roofs have a lifespan of between 20 and 25 years. If you are approaching this date or have passed it, chances are you need to invest in a new roof.

2. The deformation of shingles

Warped or lifted shingles may mean loss of granules, loss of life or failure. Verifications are necessary to have the right time on the situation and to determine if these shingles should be replaced.

3. The presence of granules in your gutters

Shingles generally shed more granules when they are past or approaching their lifespan. A color change may also take place. A new roof or an addition of gravel (for a flat roof) may be necessary.

4. The lack of shingles

Whether due to high winds, intense weather (hail, for example) or falling branches, missing shingles often indicate that there is indeed a problem with your roof. It can be a problem with the adhesion of the shingles or a defect, among other things. An inspection is required to find the correct explanation and make the correct repairs.

5. The presence of puddles

In the case of a flat roof, the presence of puddles 48 hours after a heavy rain is abnormal. Your drain could be clogged or inefficient, in particular, which could lead to water infiltration.Various other signs can announce that it is time to think about redoing your roof. If in doubt, know that the team at Les Couvreurs de l'Est offers inspection and roof repair in the Montreal region. These may include checking the general condition of the siding, drains, flashings and joints, as well as replacing damaged shingles, adding plaster or partially or completely repairing the roof. Contact us!


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