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Oh yes! There are many things to check on a roof that should not be neglected.

Brick chimneys and walls are often sources of infiltration, as shown by the chimney with cracked joints in the photograph below. Do you think that the “beautiful” brick chimney below let water get through? Of course it did! The owner could have avoided the problems, along with the damage to the interior of the house. Of course, bricks that are cracked like that will let water infiltrate and create a path. If the brick joints are not repaired quickly, the brick and water problem will only get worse and create more damage. The same is true for the wall we see below, where the plaster is badly damaged. Unfortunately, these two situations are quite common. Corrective Measure: An inspection at least once per year would have made it possible to catch the problem. Tradesmen or a mason or a company specialized in masonry could have solved everything, and would have limited the damage that we had to repair.


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