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Is the roof of your building at the end of its life and you plan to change it soon or, alternatively, are you determining the material that will cover your new construction? At Couvreurs de l'Est in Montreal, we know how essential it is to install quality roofing to make a building safe. To make your choice easier, keep reading!

What is your roof type?

Roofs are divided into 2 main categories: sloped and flat roofs. For the former, you will have to choose between asphalt shingles, steel panels and slate. For the latter, you will decide between the combination of asphalt and gravel, elastomeric membrane and TPO membrane. Shingles: made of asphalt and fiberglass, they come in a variety of styles and colors. Their durability changes according to their quality and their resistance to wind and temperature variations. Steel panels: with a lifespan of more than 50 years due to their superior resistance, they have the advantage of being painted according to your wishes and are 100% recyclable. Slate: this elegant natural stone is recyclable, has insulating properties and can last up to 150 years. As it is heavier, the roof structure must be able to support it. Asphalt and gravel: covered with gravel, this multilayer system of felt and liquid asphalt resists water infiltration if properly maintained. Minor repairs can considerably extend its service life. Elastomeric membrane: adapted to the Quebec climate, this two-layer material has a lifespan of nearly 30 years and excellent waterproofing. TPO membrane: applied in a single layer, this lightweight membrane has very good waterproofing properties.

What should you consider when making your decision?

First, check with your municipality to find out if there are any restrictions on roofing and if your building is classified as a heritage building. Then take into account your budget, but also the maintenance required for each type of roof (steel, slate and membranes are the least expensive). Finally, choose a product and installation process that offers a warranty that’s right for you. Are you looking for a roof covering service in Montreal? At Couvreurs de l'Est, we are equipped for flat and sloped roofs and have the material you need (elastomeric membrane, TPO, shingles, etc.). Contact us for more information!

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