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Are you looking for the perfect coating for your flat roof? To guide you in your reflection, our experts at Couvreurs de l’Est have prepared this little practical guide for you!

Characteristics of the different membranes

There are various options available to you for your flat roof, including elastomeric, TPO and EPDM membranes, all of which can reduce heat islands if they are light in color. Here is an overview of their properties:

  • Elastomeric membrane Very popular, the elastomeric membrane is made up of two layers. It thus includes a base coat, which allows the covering to be installed and fixed, and a finishing coat. The latter is made up of granules whose color you can choose (brown, beige, gray, etc.). The two layers of the traditional elastomeric membrane are fused together using a blowtorch, which poses a fire risk — so it's important to use certified professionals. There is also a self-adhesive elastomeric membrane which can be installed cold. In both cases, this type of roof covering resists very well to the rigors of our climate (humidity, extreme cold, etc.). Its double layer also provides excellent waterproofing. In addition, it requires little maintenance.

  • Membrane TPO Unlike the elastomeric membrane, the TPO membrane only has one layer. It is made of a type of vinyl called “polyolefin thermoplastic”. The joints between the pieces of membrane are welded with a hot iron to ensure the waterproofing of the coating. It is mainly used for commercial roofing. It is a light, resistant and economical product that can be installed without the use of flames. Other significant advantages: it reflects the sun's rays and is easily repaired in the event of breakage. Its flexibility also helps prevent tears. Its use is not recommended for a ventilated roof, but is perfectly suitable for a roof terrace.

  • Membrane EPDM Based on synthetic rubber, this single-layer membrane is used for flat or slightly sloped roofs. The joints are screwed to the surface, so installation does not require heat and can therefore be carried out quickly. This easy-to-install covering is durable and resistant. Additionally, it helps conserve energy in the home in winter. It is thick and flexible and can expand depending on temperature variations. It is suitable for both new construction and renovations.

Factors to consider when choosing

To choose the membrane that is right for you, you must consider various elements, such as:

  • your budget;

  • the area to be covered;

  • the lifespan of the material;

  • the desired appearance.

Finally, to make an informed decision regarding your roof, do not hesitate to seek advice from our experienced team at Couvreurs de l'Est. Your choice is made? Complete an online quote request !


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