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Do you need to have your roof repaired or replaced? At Couvreurs de l'Est, we offer a professional service for the installation and repair of roofs in the greater Montreal for 65 years. In this article, we explain how to prepare the exterior and interior of your home to facilitate roofing work and avoid inconvenience.

Prepare the exterior of your home

Here are some recommendations for preparing your yard before construction begins:

  • Unlock the gates: roofers will have access to the entire perimeter of the house.

  • Clear the yard: remove anything that can be moved (toys, solar lights, potted plants, statues, bird feeders, etc.). Move outdoor furniture away and cover it with a tarp or store it in the shed. Take care to free up a space of at least 4.5 m around your home.

  • Mow the lawn: Debris will be easier to spot on the mowed lawn. This will prevent you from stepping on a stray nail!

  • Protect your plants and shrubs: cover them with protective netting or a tarp to protect them from dust and debris.

  • Mark the location of sprinklers and basins: this way, roofers can work around them.

  • Remove your vehicles from the driveway and garage: park them on the street, a safe distance from the worksite. Also remember to cover all your valuables stored in the garage with a tarpaulin.

  • Notify your neighbours: in addition to warning them about the noise and disturbance, inform them that they will probably have to, if their house is near yours, cover their outdoor plants and open their barriers so that the roofers can pick up the fallen debris in their yard, if any.

Prepare the interior of your home

Inside, perform the following tasks before the roofers arrive:

  • Clear your attic: this is the place that will receive the most dust during the work. Remove from the attic fragile objects or those that could interfere with workers.

  • Protect your fragile goods: Installing a new roof causes significant vibrations. So unhook mirrors, frames and loose shelves, especially on the upper floor. Also protect your fragile objects, such as vases and crockery.

Looking for a trusted roofer for your roof in Montreal?At Couvreurs de l'Est, our team specializes in the installation, maintenance, inspection and repair of roofs in Montreal for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Contact us now to discuss your project or fill out a estimate request!


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