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Are you planning to sell your property soon and are you looking for the best solutions to increase its value? Did you know that redoing your roof is one of the most advantageous options? At Couvreurs de l’Est, in Montreal, our team is made up of several professionals specializing in roof repairs who can advise you on the choice of your new covering. Here are many good reasons to use this renovation project to give more value to your home!

It improves the aesthetics of your home

Depending on the age of your current roof, renewing it can add some sparkle to your home. Bet on a durable coating whose colors and style are both fashionable and adapted to your building. You can also opt for a more impressive architecture or more upscale materials.

It has a reassuring effect

A roof protects the occupants of a home from the elements. If it is recent, future buyers will see their fears allayed: they will not be afraid, for example, of ending up with water infiltration problems the following year.

It improves energy efficiency

A new roof with good insulation reduces the loss of heat or cold. As a result, your heating and cooling systems use less energy to achieve the same efficiency. This results in electricity savings.

It facilitates resale

A new roof increases your chances of selling your home quickly, and at a better price. It is also an excellent argument during negotiations, among other things. On the contrary, a roof whose condition leaves something to be desired can immediately repel potential buyers or hinder the sale during the inspection. Between two comparable properties, the one with the most recent roof is likely to be preferred.

It includes a guarantee

Whether it's materials or installation, new roofs usually come with a warranty. This reassures future owners and gives them peace of mind. They will know that they will be protected in the event of any problems and that these should not normally arise for a long time.Is your roof starting to get old? At Couvreurs de l'Est, in Montreal, our roofers can tell you if it would be more advantageous for you to opt for a complete repair or a few targeted repairs to get the most out of your property. Contact us to discuss!


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