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Membranes Installed On top of each other. In the photograph below, here is what you see during the removal of 3 membranes installed on top of each other.

The practice of laying membranes on top of each other used to be popular, but it has been abandoned for the most part because of the problems it caused, especially after the 1998 ice storm and the accumulations of heavy snowfalls that followed. Another Site Where There Were 4 Layers of Membranes (below). Now, ever since 2010, some companies are revisiting this practice, and now they have a powerful selling point. They almost give you a guilt trip by telling you to put less waste in the garbage and think about the environment. Have they already forgotten all of the problems that this kind of work caused, or is it just lack of experience or lack of conscience? Regardless, even if some people will tell you that the membrane they install is very light, have they thought of the one that’s already there? So you have 1, 2, 3 or 4 layers on your roof at this point? There are some good companies that you can choose, but be aware when making your choice. We believe the choice between an environmental sales argument and imminent danger to you or the building is an easy one.


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