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Snow on a (roofing) membrane must be monitored for three main reasons :

Weight, infiltration caused by water overflow and ventilation problems that lead to condensation, which could cause water to drip into ceilings, regardless of the age of your membrane. No warranty covers these problems.


Obviously, weight is a major issue. Too much weight will cause sagging and serious structural damages.


These two other sources of problems are more complex to explain, but are more serious than snow accumulation. They require particular attention when your membrane is maintained for the winter. In the picture below, ventilators clogged by snow have cut off the ventilation to the attic. The client had considerable interior damage caused by condensation (lack of air). A summary snow removal at the critical areas with the application of an ecological de-icer was necessary. This also applies to the client in the photograph below, where the skylight was covered

by snow. Suggestion : Inspect your membrane. If there is too much snow, you must remove it from the critical areas, without going all the way down to the membrane so that you do not damage it. If there is ice (which is often the case) in those same areas, apply an ecological de-icer leading toward the drain or gutters in order to facilitate water evacuation. Be careful not to damage the membrane, and always make sure you are safe on the roof, it is very slippery. If you cannot do it, call roofers, who will take the proper precautions. We can give you a price over the phone.


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