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In the photograph below, a 4x4 was placed directly on top of the membrane, to be used as a base for a patio.

The gravel penetrated the membrane under the pressure of the wood, cutting into the membrane and allowing water infiltration. In the photograph below, rotten wood under a heat pump, causing water infiltration through the membrane. You should always keep in mind that a roofing membrane is subject to serious demands over the years, which is why we must facilitate its task by making sure nothing is put on top of it. Ideally, if need be, there is a way to do it. We must install a protective base to absorb the weight, such as type 3 or 4 (pink or blue) “Styrofoam”, but not the white one. In the photograph above, an antenna was installed on a piece of plywood. The plywood rests on a piece of extruded polystyrene (“Styrofoam”) that serves to cushion the weight of the satellite dish on the roof. This significantly reduces the risk of damaging the membrane.


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