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Working in the greater Montreal area for more than 60 years, our experienced team at Couvreurs de l'Est is able to see the most common vulnerabilities in the roofs of properties, businesses and factories. To find out which sections are prone to leaks and the relevance of performing a thermographic inspection to get the facts straight, read this blog post!

The main risk areas

Most of the time, roof leaks occur in the following vulnerable areas:

  • Non-watertight flashings (at the ridge or at the valley, in particular);

  • Ice barriers;

  • Poorly insulated openings for ducts, cables and pipes;

  • Shingles (if they are unstuck and their nails are exposed to the weather, among other things);

  • The outline of the chimney (when the caulking is worn by time, for example).

The consequences of a poorly insulated roof

An improperly insulated roof ends up causing major expenses. In fact, its lack of waterproofing can be responsible for 30% to 50% of heat loss during the cold season, not to mention the other problems that a leaking roof can cause (proliferation of parasites, infiltration, etc. .).

To avoid excessive heating costs — or air conditioning, depending on the season — and damage to your property, call on specialists. They will determine the source of the leaks with the help of an inspection and will carry out the necessary work to seal them.

The most effective leak detection

Performed using an infrared camera (thermograph), a thermographic inspection makes it possible to verify the presence or absence of humidity as well as heat loss in a building. Thanks to this device, our experts at Couvreurs de l'Est can non-intrusively detect water infiltration, electrical overheating, ventilation problems, rodents, etc.

Need a repair or a thermographic inspection of your roof in Montreal?

At Couvreurs de l'Est, we know residential, commercial and institutional roofing like the back of our hands. Do you live in Greater Montreal and do you think your flat or sloping roof is affected by leaks? Do not wait before acting, because procrastination could cost you dearly! Contact us today to make an appointment for a thermographic inspection or to get an estimate!


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