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Flat roofs can sometimes accumulate water. The puddles thus formed, although they may not seem problematic at first glance, can worsen over time and have a negative impact on your roof. At Couvreurs de l'Est, specialists in the installation and repair of flat roofs (membranes elastomer) and slopes in Montreal, we take advantage of this article to inform you about the risks of water accumulation on your roof and what to do in this situation!

Consequences of stagnant water

Puddles, even small ones, can have a big impact on your roof and your home. The water that accumulates, over time, increases in weight. If the latter becomes too high, it can put pressure on the components of your roof and negatively affect the structure of the building. You may also end up with a water infiltration problem (which in turn can cause mold) and damaged roofing materials (which will decrease the effectiveness of your roof).

Actions to take

It is important to use the services of qualified professionals to correct your problem and ensure the integrity of your roof. This expert will start by inspecting your roof to find out what is causing the puddles. If your property has already suffered damage, he can contact another specialist (an architect, for example) to assess the situation as a whole. In all cases, the roofer will make sure to send you his observations and recommendations to correct the problem.If your building has structural damage, these will need to be repaired before your flat roof is in turn. Thereafter, the solution will depend on the cause of the problem:

  • Incorrect slope requires replacing the entire roof to prevent puddles;

  • Inadequate drainage can be corrected by adding a new drain or modifying the current system to make it more efficient;

  • Low areas of the roof can be raised to an appropriate level or screens can be installed to redirect water;

  • Damaged portions of the roof (raised corners of the membrane, damaged joints, etc.) are repaired.

Don't wait for your roof to have a problem before having it inspected! Indeed, a regular inspection is essential to maintain the integrity of your flat roof and its membrane, whether whether it is elastomer or TPO. At Couvreurs de l’Est, in Montreal, we offer several inspection services according to your needs. Contact us!


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