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In winter, after a fall of ice or heavy snow, you may have to clear your roof. If this is the case, it is better to seek the services of professionals such as us, Les Couvreurs de l’Est! In fact, we take care of, among other things, ice and snow removal from roofs in Montreal and Laval. Here are the reasons why you should call on our specialists.

The dangers of excessive snow accumulation

When snow and ice accumulate on a roof, there is always the possibility that a pile will break off and fall on a passerby or vehicle. The ventilation outlets may also be blocked. Then, we must consider water infiltration, which is very likely in the event of a mild spell. Finally, large quantities of snow weigh heavily on the structure, which can lead to subsidence, or worse yet, a collapse! This is especially problematic with a flat roof, since it is not designed to let snow slide.

The risks associated with snow removal from roofs

Snow or ice removal from a roof is not an operation without risks, neither for the person carrying it out nor for those who circulate near your property during this time. In addition to the threat of a fall, there is also that of electrocution in the event that you hang an electrical installation. Finally, hypothermia and frostbite are to be feared when working in the cold, as well as cardiac ailments in the event of sustained physical effort.

Professional tools and techniques

As a company carrying out snow removal from roofs, we have the appropriate equipment: shovel, rake with telescopic handle, snow pusher, crampons, etc. In addition, our methods comply with established safety standards. Thus, we can set up a safety perimeter around your residence in case a mass of snow or ice falls during the process. Finally, thanks to our expertise as roofers, we know how to clear your roof without damaging it. For example, we leave a light layer of snow as protection. With regard to de-icing and snow removal from roofs, the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) recommends doing business with a specialized company. At Couvreurs de l'Est, our experts take care of this delicate operation in Montreal and Laval, whether for a flat or sloping roof. Don't take any risks this winter: contact us !


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