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Ventilation on some buildings is extremely important, including the vast majority of single-family houses, duplexes, triplexes and other multiplexes, which is why it requires special attention.

Without being alarmist, poor ventilation can cause mold, fungus and other types of contamination, which often involves major unplanned expenses when repairing the roof, even before roof repair is due. In the photograph below (left), you see the damage that a lack of air can cause to the wooden decking. In this case, the roofing (membrane) was only 7 years old, but a lack of air considerably decreased its useful life. In the photograph below (right), we see the solution that had to be applied, which was to build a space with perpendicular 2x4s covered with new plywood, where air can circulate freely in all directions. How to Detect this Problem: If you have drops of water falling from the ceiling during cold weather (between December and March) and nothing in the summer, it is highly likely that you have poor ventilation. If you have condensation problems in the winter, it is the same thing. When maintaining your roof, you can also walk on the surface and verify whether the wood seems soft to you. That is a sign of weakness, possibly caused by a lack of ventilation. Contact us for more information.


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