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SOPREMA Elastomeric Membrane

SOPREMA : The Reference in the Manufacturing of By-Layer Membranes for Waterproof Roofs

A Trusted Brand in Montreal

For more than 100 years, SOPREMA has manufactured high-quality coverings and waterproofing. Whether it be for a home, a school or a store, SOPREMA asphalt shingles are a wise choice for your roof.

SOPREMA Membranes : A Unique Formula

Manufactured using an SBS modified bitumen, SOPREMA membranes offer a superior level of waterproofing. The modified bitumen is flexible and durable, adheres easily to the surface, and presents excellent resistance to both low and high temperatures.

Here are some of the advantages of using SOPREMA membranes:

The elastomeric membrane will adapt to the look you want and suit to several types of housing.

Considered by the industry to be the most reliable method for the last 30 years, this technology has been carefully developed by the SOPREMA Research and Development team. Regardless of your roofing project, you can count on this high-performance product.

Contact the experts at Couvreurs de l’Est to find out which models are available.

  • High range product

  • Elastomeric membrane is distinguished from all other roof membranes on the market

  • Very good investment

  • Durable and resistant to severe weather conditions

  • Can be installed in very hot or cold temperature

  • Easy to repair

  • Esthetics: Available in multiple colours (red, white, grey, black, green, etc)

  • Ideal for roofs of terraces

  • SOPRASTAR white elastomeric membrane meets the requirements of LEED certifications, the North American reference system for environmental quality.

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