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EPDM Membrane

An EPDM Membrane Roof : An Eco-Friendly and Durable Solution

Did you know that there is a roofing membrane on the market that will last more than 50 years? There is! The EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) membrane features this type of exceptional eco-friendly durability. An EPDM membrane roof covering is the ideal solution that can help to improve your quality of life in Montreal and the surrounding areas. Interesting, isn’t it?

An Incomparable Waterproofing System!

Made from a synthetic rubber monolayer membrane, the EPDM membrane boasts an incomparable waterproofing system that stops water infiltrations that can damage a building’s structure and cause dampness problems inside, on walls and on ceilings. It is important to remember that dampness can have a significant impact on your health and your quality of life.

Recyclable, Stretchable and Resistant to Heat and Cold!

EPDM membranes have been used for commercial, industrial and residential flat roofs and low-sloped roofs for more than half a century. They are light and easy to install, with the following features :

  • 100% recyclable;

  • Flexible, with a 300% elasticity rating;

  • Resistant to oxidation and extreme temperatures (from - 45° C to 130° C).

EPDM membranes are hot-vulcanized to optimize resistance, and are available in very wide rolls to limit the number of joints during and facilitate cold installation, with no risk of fire.

White Roofs, Green Roofs and Terraced Roofs

An EPDM membrane is the ideal solution for installing a white roof, a green roof or a terraced roof in Montreal and throughout Quebec. The design of this unique material allows for economical installation directly over the existing roof covering or any type of support (concrete, steel, wood, etc.). The experts at Couvreurs de l’Est have the know-how and the equipment required to install an eco-responsible EPDM membrane roof that combats the urban heat island effect, keeps the building fresh and reduces air conditioning costs.

10 Reasons to Choose an EPDM Membrane

When installed by an experienced roofer, an EPDM membrane may carry a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 25 years, and requires very little maintenance. The following are 10 advantages and features of EPDM membranes :

  • Exceptional durability;

  • Superior watertightness;

  • Excellent resistance to cold, heat, light and insects;

  • Recyclable;

  • Flexible;

  • Stretchable;

  • Light;

  • Versatile;

  • Easy to install (no flames required);

  • Potential for significant savings.

Would you like more information concerning EPDM membrane roofs? Would you like an estimate for the cost of the work? At Couvreurs de l’Est, we specialize in roof installation, repair and maintenance in the Greater Montreal Area. Contact us!

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