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In Montreal, flat roofs are king . Among the 19 boroughs that make up the city, several have adopted a plan to combat heat islands.

To counter the negative impacts of the urban heat island effect, the boroughs are implementing various measures, including the application of an urban planning by-law that requires, among other things, the installation of roof coverings specific. In this blog post, Couvreurs de l'Est provides information on the most common and most popular roof coverings. effective in combating heat islands in Montreal.


In areas where concrete, brick and asphalt predominate over greenery, the heat island effect is very present. Residential and commercial buildings with flat roofs become privileged spaces for the installation of green roofs, a modern ecological solution to fight against heat that has multiple advantages:

  • significant reduction of heat inside the building during the summer

  • superior insulation of the building during the winter (savings on heating

  • prolonging the life of the roof

  • environment embellishment

  • improvement of outdoor ambient air quality

  • better rainwater management

  • healthy and natural integration of urban biodiversity


  • the cost is very high

Nowadays, expertise in installing a green roof is accessible to everyone. A word of advice: if you are interested in the project, do not start blindly. Trust the experts in roof repairs.


In Montreal, during the repair or construction of a roof flat, owners in certain boroughs can choose a white or conventional membrane. But in some other boroughs, it is mandatory to have a white membrane to fight against heat islands.

Available in multi-ply membranes covered with marble, white roofs stand out for their ability to reflect the sun's rays. Result: because the white surface of the roof absorbs much less heat, the interior of the building remains more comfortable. Inevitably, a white roof helps reduce air conditioning costs.

There are four types of membranes for white roofs: multilayer with white marble, elastomer, TPO and EDPM. Affordable, durable, weather resistant, each of these types of membranes has its own advantages, talk to your roofer.


The cost of repairing or installing a roof varies. When submitting an estimate, the roofer must take into account the area and the type of coating that will be used to determine the cost of the work. Other factors such as insulation, ventilation and the complexity of the work to be done can also affect the total bill.

At Couvreurs de l'Est, we have solid experience working on all types of roofs. For your complete satisfaction, we offer exceptional service, skilled labor, specialized equipment and quality materials. Would you like additional information for your roofing project in Montreal or the surrounding area? Call us!


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